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The first stage when applying for a UWC scholarship is a written application. This application provides the selection committees with a brief overview of the student, their current interests and activities, and requires the candicates to write an essay on why they should be awarded a place and/or scholarship to a UWC.  Once the National Committee receives candidate's application, the candidate will be notified via e-mail.

Admission Test

The second stage of application process is admission test, which includes test of English and math. Both tests are based on general high school program. Applicants with highest scores will be invited for individual interview. 

Individual Interview

The third stage of the application process is interview. The purpose of these interviews is to gain a better understanding of the candidates. Interviews will be held in Kyrgyz, Russian and English languages and take approximately 20 minutes long. After the interview applicants will be asked to give a speech on a topic "Why am I the best candidate for UWC school?"


Successful candidates selected by National Committee will be contacted in December 2018. The recipients of scholarship awards will be notified and their nominations will be submitted to the UWC they will attend.